Terpenes are the compounds in cannabis that give the plants and their flowers their aromatic diversity and distinct flavors. They’re essential oils that are secreted in cannabis flower’s sticky resin glands. Over 200 different terpenes and terpenoids have so far been identified in the cannabis plant, although they’re not unique to cannabis. They exist throughout the botanical world and are found in many other plants, herbs, and fruits. Common in the human diet, terpenes are recognized as safe to consume by the United States Food and Drug Administration.


AROMA: wood like and peppery
BOILING POINT: 160ºC (320ºF)
ALSO FOUND IN: peppers, hops, oregano
EFFECTS: antioxidant, inflammation, pain and insomnia

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AROMA: citrus, lemon
BOILING POINT: 176ºC (349ºF)
ALSO FOUND IN: citrus peels, rosemary
EFFECTS: anti-depressant, anti-anxiety and stress relief

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AROMA: sweet, pine
BOILING POINT: 155ºC (311ºF)
ALSO FOUND IN: pine needles, rosemary, parsley

EFFECTS: inflammation, alertness and memory retention

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AROMA: floral, citrus, spice
BOILING POINT: 198ºC (320ºF)
ALSO FOUND IN: lavender, rosewood, citrus, hops
EFFECTS: insomnia, anti-depressant, anti-anxiety and stress

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AROMA: musk, cloves, herbal
BOILING POINT: 168ºC (334ºF)
ALSO FOUND IN: mango, thyme, lemongrass
EFFECTS: anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, inflammation

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AROMA: woody, earthy
BOILING POINT: 198ºC (388ºF)
ALSO FOUND IN: hops, coriander
EFFECTS: anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial

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AROMA: smoky, pine, floral
BOILING POINT: 186ºC (366ºF)
ALSO FOUND IN: nutmeg, apples, cumin
EFFECTS: anti-fungal, antioxidant, sedating

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AROMA: floral, sweet, citrus
BOILING POINT: 219ºC (426ºF)
ALSO FOUND IN: lilacs, eucalyptus sap, pine oil
EFFECTS: anti-inflammatory, antioxidant

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