About Us

Palm Gardens’ core values are based on the dedication to the art of growing and cultivating the finest cannabis. Our cultivators take pride in maintaining and developing the highest quality products. The dedication of delicately handling, preserving, and packaging our flowers is an essential part of the process.

All of our products are carefully sorted by hand without the use of automated equipment. We fill pre rolls with grinded whole buds and each package is visually inspected. Our mylar pouch packaging ensures an airtight seal to preserve cannabinoids and terpenes at optimal moisture levels.

Palm Gardens achieves genetic potential after rigorous strain selections and pheno hunting, while maintaining precise environmental control and feeding regimens. Quality is enhanced through a whole plant hang drying process, and is expertly cured to the highest standards to ensure a meticulous product is available to customers.

Palm Gardens, curating sophisticated cannabis for mature users.

Chase Elliott / Co-founder, Operations Manager

Our Facility is State of The Art

Our facility is designed with soil based medium and production with perpetual growing harvest cycles ensuring a consistent, sophisticated product is always available.

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