Terpenes are highly aromatic compounds that determine the smell of many plants and herbs,

Below you will find the names of the most popular types and a little information about them.

An earthy, citrus terpene known for providing relaxing effects.
A sweet terpene found in citrus fruits as well as in Cannabis strains.
Living up to its name, Pinene is found in pine trees.
A spicy-sweet combination also noted for its ability to emulate a cannabinoids behavior. Can be prominently found in flowers like Hash Plant.
Floral meets spice with this terpene.
Ocimene is a sweet, earthy terpene.
A spicy, wood aroma that mirrors hops to some.
Most commonly found in fruit coatings like apple skins providing it that fresh orchard aroma and is popular in natural insect repellents.
Known for its pungent pine needle smell.
Gets its name from Valencia Oranges, this sweet, citrusy terpene can also emit herbal and woodsy aromas.
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